ch2_truerandom          1 NB: this is used by the smg_rsa component of EuCrypt.
ch2_truerandom 2
ch1_mpi 3 What you see here is a very classic version of the GNU MPI (bignum) library.
ch1_mpi 4 It has been surgically removed from GnuPG 1.4.10, specifically as found at:
eucrypt_genesis 5
ch1_mpi 6 http://trilema.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/gnupg-1.4.10.tar.gz.asc
ch1_mpi 7
ch1_mpi 8 SHA512(gnupg-1.4.10.tar.gz) :
ch1_mpi 9 d037041d2e6882fd3b999500b5a7b42be2c224836afc358e1f8a2465c1b74473d518f185b7c324b2c8dec4ffb70e9e34a03c94d1a54cc55d297f40c9745f6e1b
ch1_mpi 10
eucrypt_ch12_wrap... 11 Recommended compilation:
eucrypt_ch12_wrap... 12 1) gprbuild mpi.gpr
ch1_mpi 13
eucrypt_ch12_wrap... 14 Tests:
ch1_mpi 15 2) cd tests
eucrypt_ch12_wrap... 16 3) gprbuild
ch1_mpi 17 4) ./test_mpi
ch1_mpi 18 5) output is:
ch1_mpi 19 37A063D056817668C7AA3418F29
ch1_mpi 20 6) q: 'Waaaaaa, it barfed!'
ch1_mpi 21 a: You are probably using GCC 5 or LLVM. Stop.
ch1_mpi 22
ch1_mpi 23
ch1_mpi 25
ch1_mpi 26 1) Everything pertaining to Automake was nuked, and the earth where it stood -
ch1_mpi 27 salted.
ch1_mpi 28
ch1_mpi 29 Instead, we now have a conventional Makefile. It builds precisely
ch1_mpi 30 ONE THING - a single 'mpi.a' library suitable for static linking into
ch1_mpi 31 another project. This will turn up in 'bin'.
ch1_mpi 32
ch1_mpi 33 Among other things, this now means that all KNOBS now reside in a
ch1_mpi 34 MANUALLY-controlled 'knobs.h' found in 'include'. If you are building
ch1_mpi 35 on some very peculiar unix, please read it and adjust as appropriate.
ch1_mpi 36 It contains ONLY those knobs which actually pertain to the code.
ch1_mpi 37
ch1_mpi 38 The Makefile contains a 'check-syntax' - users of Emacs and Flymake
ch1_mpi 39 will see proper error-highlighting.
ch1_mpi 40
ch1_mpi 41 2) ALL chip-specific ASM optimizations (including those found in longlong.h)
ch1_mpi 42 have been nuked.
ch1_mpi 43
ch1_mpi 44 3) GPG-specific cruft has been amputated to the extent practical.
ch1_mpi 45
ch1_mpi 46 The logging system has been retained, but it can be easily torn out,
ch1_mpi 47 which I may choose to do in the near future.
ch1_mpi 48
ch1_mpi 49 The I/O buffering system has been retained. I may choose to remove it
ch1_mpi 50 in the near future.
ch1_mpi 51
ch1_mpi 52 The 'secure memory' (unpageable alloc) system has been retained.
ch1_mpi 53
ch1_mpi 54 'Localization' and all related idiocies have been nuked.
ch1_mpi 55 Write hieroglyphs at home, leave them there, civilized folk
ch1_mpi 56 don't need'em in their source code.
ch1_mpi 57
ch1_mpi 58 4) Other code has been altered solely to the extent required by items
ch1_mpi 59 (1), (2), and (3).
ch1_mpi 60
ch1_mpi 61 Cruft which appears in dead #ifdefs may be removed in the future.
ch1_mpi 62 Don't get comfortable with it being there.
ch1_mpi 63
ch1_mpi 64 5) Readers who wish to know EXACTLY what I changed, should get a copy of the
ch1_mpi 65 original tarball and write a simple script involving 'find' and 'vdiff',
ch1_mpi 66 which sadly did not fit in the margins of this page.
ch1_mpi 67
ch1_mpi 68 6) To use the library, include 'include/mpi.h' in your project,
ch1_mpi 69 and statically link with 'bin/mpi.a'.
ch1_mpi 70
ch1_mpi 71 7) The original code was distributed under GPL 3, which may apply on
ch1_mpi 72 your planet and is therefore included. (See COPYING.)
ch1_mpi 73
ch1_mpi 74 ----------
ch1_mpi 75 UPDATE #1:
ch1_mpi 76 ----------
ch1_mpi 77
ch1_mpi 78 1) Abolished the logging subsystem inherited from GPG.
ch1_mpi 79
ch1_mpi 80 2) Abolished the I/O buffering subsystem, from same.
ch1_mpi 81
ch1_mpi 82 3) Eliminated all #ifdef blocks pertaining to RiscOS.
ch1_mpi 83
ch1_mpi 84 4) config.h is now knobs.h and is considerably shorter
ch1_mpi 85 on account of there now being a great many fewer knobs.
ch1_mpi 86
ch1_mpi 87 5) Eliminated certain blocks of dead code.
ch1_mpi 88
ch1_mpi 89 6) Inserted notice of modifications as specified in GPL-3