eucrypt_manifest        1 499320 eucrypt_genesis diana_coman Sets up the main structure of the Eucrypt library that includes the following main components: mpi, serpent, keccak, rsa.
eucrypt_manifest 2 499321 ch1_mpi diana_coman The MPI (big number arithmetics) component of Eucrypt, as extracted from GnuPG 1.4.10 by Stanislav Datskovskiy and with a further small snip of useless code.
eucrypt_manifest 3 499322 ch2_truerandom diana_coman Basic methods for obtaining random bits from an entropy source connected on an USB port. NB: this is CHANGED for the better by ch4 patch below (eucrypt_ch4_rpng), better press to that one at least!
eucrypt_manifest 4 500450 eucrypt_mpi_fix_copy_incr diana_coman Fixes a bug in mpi that caused MPN_COPY_INCR to do nothing at all.
eucrypt_manifest 5 501480 eucrypt_ch3_miller_rabin diana_coman The implementation of Miller-Rabin algorithm for testing whether a number is composite (not prime).
eucrypt_manifest 6 502600 eucrypt_ch4_rpng diana_coman True random prime number generator using all the above parts and pieces of Eucrypt (mpi, reading from the entropy source, miller-rabin).
eucrypt_manifest 7 503770 eucrypt_ch5_rsa_keys diana_coman Generating RSA key pairs according to TMSR RSA spec and simple use of such RSA key pairs to encrypt/decrypt a given input.
eucrypt_manifest 8 504900 eucrypt_ch6_keccak_permutations diana_coman First part of the Keccak implementation for Eucrypt: Ada implementation of the Keccak-f permutations and specifically the theta, rho, pi, chi and iota transformations of state used by Keccak-f permutations.
eucrypt_manifest 9 506110 eucrypt_ch7_keccak_sponge diana_coman Implementation in Ada of the Keccak "sponge" hashing method taking as input a stream of bits and giving as output another stream of bits.
eucrypt_manifest 10 507170 eucrypt_ch8_bit_keccak diana_coman Bit-level Ada implementation of Keccak meant as reference implementation (fully independent of endiannes but potentially significantly slower than almost any other implementation).
eucrypt_manifest 11 508300 eucrypt_ch9_keccak_endianness diana_coman Changes to previous Keccak implementation to ensure consistent output on little and bid endian iron. Specifically: input is always considered in little endian format and the implementation checks endianness at runtime, flipping the input octets when running on big endian iron.
eucrypt_manifest 12 509370 eucrypt_ch10_oaep_tmsr diana_coman Implementation of TMSR OAEP (optimal asymmetric encryption padding) using Keccak implementation above for hashing and TMSR schema for padding.
eucrypt_manifest 13 510140 eucrypt_oaep_fix_checks diana_coman Fix of error in previous OAEP module at how the max length of message is calculated.
eucrypt_manifest 14 510460 eucrypt_ch11_serpent diana_coman Implementation of Serpent blockcipher and automated testing using reference test data.
eucrypt_manifest 15 511540 eucrypt_ch12_wrapper_rsa_oaep_c_ada diana_coman A wrapper to use the previously implemented OAEP and RSA together, serving as convenience method and example of Eucrypt use + bringing Ada and C code together. Porting of *all* Eucrypt to GPR (GNAT's Project Manager) and away from Make, providing also support to compile Eucrypt as a whole or component by component, as desired.
eucrypt_manifest 16 511880 eucrypt_keccak_bitrate_fix diana_coman Fix for error in Keccak implementation that was causing failure on some bitrates.
eucrypt_manifest 17 513700 eucrypt_check_nread diana_coman Adds another check and loop to ensure that all Eucrypt has the same behaviour when requesting random bits: reject and discard any that are not exactly as many as required and simply keep trying in a loop until the required bits are obtained.
eucrypt_manifest 18 521090 eucrypt_ch13_smg_rng diana_coman Adds methods for obtaining random values directly from bits obtained from the entropy source. Following specific types are supported: unsigned int on 32 bits, unsigned int on 64 bits, dirty float between 0 and 1, float IEEE 754/1985 between 1 and 2.
eucrypt_manifest 19 527560 eucrypt_manifest diana_coman Adds this manifest file that should be modified each time a new patch is added to EuCrypt.
eucrypt_manifest 20
eucrypt_manifest 21